September 15, 2023

TFL Produces Green Soda Ash, Hits Global Milestone In ESG Goals

AM International Holdings (AMIH) is proud to have accomplished a global milestone in sustainable manufacturing, with our group company, Tuticorin Alkali Chemicals & Fertilizers Limited (TFL), becoming the first company in the world to make carbon-neutral soda ash, or green soda ash.

TFL, a part of the green energy solutions business of the AMIH Group, will start production of green soda ash on November 4, 2023, at its plant in Thoothukudi, Tamil Nadu. We are especially pleased with this achievement as we push boundaries at every opportunity to prioritise our ESG agenda.

Soda ash is an ingredient used to make products of everyday use. Also called sodium carbonate, it is used in the manufacture of window panes, in laundry detergents and rechargeable batteries that power our appliances, among other things.

TFL Produces Green Soda Ash

We asked ourselves how we could take an ordinary chemical and do something extraordinary with it, in line with our ESG goals. Since soda ash is a widely used chemical ingredient, we realised that it could greatly help our EFG agenda due to its multiplier effect.

TFL achieved a breakthrough by using cutting-edge carbon-capture technology to establish carbon-neutrality in the manufacture of soda ash. The company set up a CO2 Recovery Plant to capture carbon from coal used as fuel in its boiler for steam production. The carbon is converted into biomass fuel to eliminate fossil-fuel usage, thus achieving carbon-neutrality in the manufacturing process. Further, TFL is also using green ammonium chloride, which it is importing, to produce its near-zero soda ash.

TFL Produces Green Soda Ash

Globally, around 74 million MT of soda ash is produced every year. TFL is the sole producer of this chemical compound in South India and has been at the forefront of innovation in its manufacturing practices. The company’s path-breaking project to make carbon-neutral soda ash is a turning point in our endeavor to eliminate the use of fossil fuels in our manufacturing operations and minimise its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
The AMIH Group places a premium on ESG as we realise that adopting sustainable practices is the only way we can work towards a cleaner, greener and stable future. We also realise that to make a real difference, companies need to innovate with technology, to find solutions to the climate crisis and to reduce GHG and achieve carbon-neutrality.

Congratulations to our R&D team, which dug deep to come up with an innovative green solution. And we are already making a difference. TFL boasts a prestigious list of customers who support its sustainable manufacturing practices and has already tied up with one of the world’s largest MNCs for the supply of its green soda ash in the manufacture of detergents.

TFL Produces Green Soda Ash