The AM International group has charted its journey in business for over six decades. From our beginning in the metal trading business in 1954 to the inception of our flagship fertilizer business to our investments in new-age sectors such as green energy and medical devices manufacturing, we have devoted our efforts to consistently enhancing our financial, social and environmental performance.

Today, we endeavour to stay ahead in an environment of continual evolution and geo-political change. I believe, opportunities are most ripe for businesses that innovate. Therefore, at AM International, we take seriously the innovation needs of our business. Investing in next-generation technologies, we have strengthened our cost-advantaged position. Against a dynamic geo-political backdrop, we are creating a culture of continuous efficiency and consistent performance.

At present, we are at a turning point in AM International’s reinvention. We are strategically positioned to lead in a new era of business and innovative technology. This is how we remain relevant and important to our customers, our stakeholders and society. While creating a balanced portfolio of new growth initiatives, we concentrate on adding value and improving the performance of our core businesses to strengthen their market leadership. Powered by new technologies, our diversified businesses continue to evolve with the demands of these changing times.

“AM International is committed to grow its businesses by bringing together wisdom of generations and new-age innovation.”

Our 3000+ team and professional leadership across businesses over the past few years has been instrumental in driving our growth and strengthening our global leadership position in key business markets. Together, we are taking AM International to the next level.

Collaborative partnerships remain critical in leveraging new technologies, furthering our strategy and building on our competitive strengths. Going ahead, we will continue to leverage synergies with global and local relationships, bringing in best-in-class technologies and best practices.

As a group, our commitment to ethical business standards, sustainability and safety remains unwavering. Our corporate culture is guided by our values of integrity, respect for people and protecting our environment. This culture is underpinned by the inherent belief that successful businesses that are sustainable in the long term deliver business profit and social good in equal measure to create a positive impact on society.

As we focus on our core businesses and steer new horizons ahead, we are building on our innovation momentum. A momentum that will help us navigate disruptive forces at the intersection of business, governments and society in this digital age.

Ashwin Muthiah

Founder & Chairman