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The AM Foundation’s CSR initiatives are focused on providing clean drinking water, preventing water contamination and solving the sanitation crisis.
To play a prominent role in delivering primary healthcare to the society by delivering a cleaner, healthier and better life in the communities we operate.
To focus on the establishment of primary healthcare centres and also address the pre-requisites for primary health such as safe water, basic sanitation & hygiene, nutrition, immunization and education.

We believe sanitation solutions are the stepping stones for education, health, security and well-being for the entire family.

Our active research collaborations with reputed global technology providers is helping in providing ecological toilets that turn what is normally seen as waste into a safe compost and fertiliser. With leading Indian scientific institutions, we are working on innovative solutions to address the water scarcity problem.

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To serve as a global holding company for our core areas of business and foster businesses that are trusted by society



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