Together, we harness opportunities.
Together, we change the game.

At AM International, we believe opportunities motivate people. That is how our 3000+ employees across 8 countries leverage myriad opportunities across our businesses to advance, excel and grow every day.


AM International is a significant employer across diverse sectors including fertilizers, petrochemicals, distribution, infrastructure services, medtech and green solutions. Careers across our businesses are fortified by training & development, a culture of meritocracy and long-term commitment. Today our operations span across South East, South & West Asia and Europe.

As a multi-national and multi-business group, we embrace diversity and inclusion. Our business ethos of marrying the traditional with the modern, reflects in our people philosophy as well. With a balance of both traditional values and modern practices, our people integrate with a global yet multi-cultural society.

Our people are critical partakers in our success. We foster a workplace environment where everyone is included, everyone is heard, everyone is empowered and everyone wins.

Sounds like a place you want to come back to the next morning?
Where you want to work together with great leaders and colleagues?
Where you want to stay in the long-run?

Join AM International.

Employee Speak

Employee Speak

Together we harness opportunities. Together, we change the game.

At AM international, we believe opportunities motivates people.