What our people have to say

S R Ramakrishnan

S R Ramakrishnan

Whole-time Director

Q1. When did you join the group?

I joined the group in the year 1972 and my association with the group today spans nearly five decades, although I had moved to other organizations in between. I have worked across various responsibilities and departments including operations, process engineering, technical services, R&D, corporate planning, etc.

Q2. Over the past four decades that you have been in the group, what made you stick on?

An important part is solving various work challenges on a regular basis. Additionally, professional independence to take decisions in the best interest of the company is something that I enjoy here. Clarity of thought from the top helps my team and me to work with a focused execution plan and get the task accomplished with ease.

Q3. Tell us 3 unique characteristics that the group companies have that are unique and employee friendly?

Having faith and trust in employees across all levels helps in creating stronger bonds. The group also gives its employees appropriate responsibilities based on their capabilities. It also provides a “learning environment” for professional skill development and long-term career growth. The Group’s ability to protect employees through business cycles has created a sense of security that in turn has resulted in passionate teams. Thus, revival by these teams has always been fast and the group has looked at every decision with a long term vision.

Q4. What are the key challenges faced by the group in its next level of growth?

I think a stable policy framework and feedstock infrastructure support is required for the next level of growth. At the plant level, technical upgradation of plant and machinery and due support from banks and financial institutions are important. Last but not the least, training and development to keep the manpower of the group attuned to the fast changing demands of the work will be a must to excel in every business.

K K Rajagopalan

K K Rajagopalan


Q1. When did you join the group?

My journey with the AM International group started nearly five decades back. I joined the group in the year 1972.

Q2. Over the 5 decades that you have been in the group, what has made you stay with the group?

The most important factor that has resulted in this long association is the culture of trust and professional working environment of the group. I have had continous opportunities to learn and grow in all my job responsibilities. Career progression planning for employees is great with regular job rotation. The emphasis on a systems-oriented approach at work helped me comprehend goals and responsibilities in a lucid manner.

Q3. Tell us 3 unique characteristics that group companies have that is unique / employee friendly?

The group displays the traits of a learning organisation. Every employee is empowered towards decision making and this helps individuals to grow in their professional roles. The encouragement provided by the leadership team for decision–making and risk taking inculcates an entrepreneurial mindset for excellence. The professional environment ensures a level playing field for every individual in a fair and transparent manner. The avenue to grow in one’s professional life is a key attraction to stay motivated.

Q4. What do you see as the key challenges the group faces in its next level of growth?

I think as in every business, talent and leadership are the key challenges that the group will need to address to achieve the next level of growth. Getting the right people for the right job and the ability to attract, retain and hone employees in a manner to build a cadre of future business leaders is what will differentiate us from the rest. Such an approach that is based on the principles of employee growth and welfare will also ensure a loyal, empowered and committed workforce.

Muralidharan N

Muralidharan N

Assistant General Manager – Marketing

Q1. Since your joining, what are the key professional learning’s you have gained by working here?

There are a number of areas where I have gained immense learning. Through my interactions across activity centres and capability examination, I have learned a lot. I have been able to identify the broadest possible purpose level for each assigned work.All this is thanks to a leadership that provides the environment for innovative thinking. The management is always clued in to the minutest details of the company’s functioning.

Q2. How do you see your career growth at the organization?

I see myself continuing to grow with the organization and taking on new challenges. The freedom to establishing growth milestones along my career path is a big advantage. It has given me the opportunity to communicate and listen more and create a better tomorrow for the organization and myself.

Q3. Tell us about three employee-friendly traits of the company that you think are different or better than the competition?

In my opinion, the first trait is the clear line of communication with which any work ‘Flow’ is explained in the very beginning. This ensures that each one of us act with total dedication and hundred per cent involvement. During this flow, every action is as per an internal logic and it needs no intervention. This type of clarity in process and communication allows us the freedom that no other competitor is able to provide.

Secondly, only a flat organization like Manali Petrochemicals can provide the opportunity for exposure to various divisions, business lines and responsibilities. It is unique among all industry players. Last but not the least, is the freedom to work on business strategies, getting involved in execution and owning one’s action is a great advantage. This is possible due to the trust and responsibility that the leadership provides in plenty along with access to discuss any issues.

Nandakumar Varma

Nandakumar Varma

General Manager

Q1. In which year did you join the group?

I joined the AM International group in the year 1993. It has been over 28 years and I have enjoyed every bit of this journey.

Q2. You have been with the group since more than a decade, what has made you stay on?

What makes one feel motivated to stay on in any one organisation for a considerably long time is the recognition and appreciation that one reaps over the years. At my job, it has made me feel like a stakeholder in the success of the organisation. Since the time I have joined, my superiors have always recognized my initiatives. Getting appreciated and rewarded for achieving the results in any endeavor is a big motivation. My responsibilities include dealing in products that are used in critical applications and the challenges of working in a niche market add to my professional satisfaction.

Q3 Tell us 3 unique characteristics that group companies have that is unique / employee friendly?

Respect for every individual irrespective of her / his position or designation is something that is culturally embedded in all group companies. When employees are treated professionally and fairly, in an organisation, its builds the foundation of a cohesive team that performs exceptionally.The company treats all its employees as part of a larger family. Individual concerns and personal or family problems are attended in welfare oriented manner. Thus, every employee feels secure and nurtured in a professional yet trust led environment. Besides, the inter-personal relationship among employees, peers and senior leadership team is excellent. Here, our corporate culture that is built in an environment of open communication culture and a shared sense of growth and achievement. It acts as a strong bond and keeps us employees glued to the group.

Q4. What do you see as the key challenges the group faces in its next level of growth?

The group companies are doing some great work and are market leaders and innovators. A corporate branding exercise for the company and the group is a must to showcase the same. Such an exercise will also help us communicate to the external world our achievements and attract equal and better talent and business partners. The other challenge is identifying the right businesses and product offerings considering the customer opportunity, market value and long-term growth potential.

Iris Chua

Iris Chua

Senior Manager (Commodities)

Q1. When did you join the Group?

I joined the group towards the end of the year 2001 and it has been nearly 20 years working with Wilson International in Singapore.

Q2. In today’s era of frequent job changes, what made you stay with the group for more than a decade?

I have been with the Group for 14½ years and each day has been equally exciting. The Group is a highly respected name in the international fertilizer market. It has pioneered the fertilizer business in India and has been a domestic industry leader since the 1970s. I have gained valuable exposure and insights into this niche market. As the world’s population grows, so does global demand for food and our contribution to increase productivity.

My growth is reflected in the Group’s growth and it gives me a well-rounded set of skills. Lastly, over the years I have travelled to various international conferences to interact with customers across nationalities. This has helped me establish long lasting relations with numerous industry partners. With the extensive experience I have been able to apply my hard earned expertise to a broad portfolio of commodities.

Q3. Tell us 3 unique characteristics that Group companies have that are unique and employee friendly?

a) The ability to think outside the box in order to address the constantly changing needs of our business both in global and local markets.

b) All employees of the Group conduct themselves with integrity and abide by the Code of Business Conduct. The Group is committed to doing business in accordance with the highest standards of ethics and integrity.

c) The Group and its leadership team values respect, fairness, non-discrimination, equal opportunity, training & development and diversity at the work place.

Q4. What are the key challenges the Group faces in its next level of growth?

Our role as a trading entity is undergoing change. Today, information availability has become more democratic and real-time due to technology and improved communication networks. As a trader we have to be able to continuously add value to bring our producers and buyers together. We have to think innovatively to create strong, liquid and flexible solutions to structure and offer various form of financing instruments to our customers and counterparts.Another key area is capital investments in setting up fertilizer plants and financing & structuring tolling agreements.