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S. R. Ramakrishnan

Whole-time Director


Q1. When did you join the group?

I joined the group in the year 1972 and my association with the group today spans over four decades, although I had moved to other organizations in between. I have worked across various responsibilities and departments including operations, process engineering, technical services, R&D, corporate planning, etc.

Q2. Over the past four decades that you have been in the group, what made you stick on?

An important part is solving various work challenges on a regular basis. Additionally, professional independence to take decisions in the best interest of the company is something that I enjoy here. Clarity of thought from the top helps my team and me to work with a focused execution plan and get the task accomplished with ease.

Q3. Tell us 3 unique characteristics that the group companies have that are unique and employee friendly?

Having faith and trust in employees across all levels helps in creating stronger bonds. The group also gives its employees appropriate responsibilities based on their capabilities. It also provides a “learning environment” for professional skill development and long-term career growth. The Group’s ability to protect employees through business cycles has created a sense of security that in turn has resulted in passionate teams. Thus, revival by these teams has always been fast and the group has looked at every decision with a long term vision.

Q4. What are the key challenges faced by the group in its next level of growth?

I think a stable policy framework and feedstock infrastructure support is required for the next level of growth. At the plant level, technical upgradation of plant and machinery and due support from banks and financial institutions are important. Last but not the least, training and development to keep the manpower of the group attuned to the fast changing demands of the work will be a must to excel in every business.


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