S R Ramakrishnan

S R Ramakrishnan

S R Ramakrishnan is an Advisor at Southern Petrochemical Industries Corporation. He monitors the executive activity and contributes to the company’s development strategies.

With over 48 years of experience in technical and business management, Ramakrishnan is a well-known industry veteran. He has sound knowledge of operations, process engineering, R&D, corporate planning, technical services, and other areas.

In his current capacity as a Non- Executive Non-Independent Director, Ramakrishnan optimises the company’s performance against agreed goals and contributes to the formulation of growth strategies, in line with the business environment.

Ramakrishnan has served as the Managing Director and CEO (Ports and Logistics) of PSA SICAL Terminals Limited and the Chief Executive Officer of Bharath Coal Chemicals.


  • Bachelor of Technology (Chemical) from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras