Devaki Ashwin Muthiah

Devaki Ashwin Muthiah

Devaki Ashwin Muthiah is a Director on the Board of AM International Holdings. As a part of the leadership team, she drives the group’s strategic growth plans across Singapore, India and the UK to accelerate its future-readiness.

Devaki works alongside the professional leadership team to grow the global footprint of various group businesses. She is committed towards the organisation’s goal of attracting, developing, engaging, and retaining the best talent. She also guides operative companies to become world-class entities imbibing the values of resilience and prudence.

Devaki is the first of the fourth generation of the founder’s family. Earlier, she has interned in global luxury firms such as Joseph and Chopard in the UK. Till recently, she served as a senior analyst at an independent investment management firm in London. In addition, she has actively volunteered as a mentor and university liaison for GAIN (Girls are Investors) charity in the UK and continues to do so.

Devaki also serves on the boards of Manali Petrochemicals’ UK-based subsidiaries, Penn Globe Limited and Notedome Limited.


  • MA (Hons.) in Business Administration and Management from The University of Edinburgh, Scotland