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COVID-19 Case Studies

How AM International group companies are navigating the COVID-19 crisis



February 22, 2021

How to adapt when change is the only constant – getting back to your ‘normal’ office routine.

We responded remarkably well to the new work-life routine demanded by the pandemic in 2020. With operations gradually returning to the physical workplace…


October 7, 2020

Do all of us have an M.S. Dhoni in us?

What makes a seemingly ordinary next-door boy a legend? What takes a person from the obscurity of his origins and puts him on a pedestal at par with divinity..


September 17, 2020

COVID-19: Spurring innovation, localisation and self-reliance in India Inc.

The disruptions brought about by COVID-19 have highlighted the significance of domestic supply chains. This means localised development, manufacturing, and distribution…


September 3, 2020

Staying safe while restarting your normal life

The fight against COVID-19 is a long-drawn battle. As countries across the globe ease lockdown measures and reinvigorate the economy, people are restarting…


July 27, 2020

Going Phygital: Reimagining business in the post COVID world

For all of us, the pandemic ushered in a new, digital-centric way of life. Under lockdown and circuit breaker restrictions, our professional workspaces shifted to the virtual realm…


July 9, 2020

Prioritising mental well-being is critical as we adapt to the new normal

How are you feeling today? Excited? Bored? Exhausted or worried? Our state of mind and the way we feel affect our thoughts and behaviours every day…


Jun 30, 2020

Caring for communities around us

The pandemic has highlighted how little acts of kindness can uplift and inspire us. Be it stories of common people reaching out…


May 27, 2020

Life on the other side of COVID-19

What’s the first thing you’d like to do once lockdowns are eased and it’s relatively safe to venture out? Visit your loved ones?…


May 19, 2020

Getting back to work after COVID-19

As countries around the world prepare to ease lockdown restrictions and facilitate a return to work, many questions are weighing on our minds…


April 14, 2020

Beat lockdown blues

The outbreak of COVID-19 has forced many parts of the world into a lockdown. In Singapore, the circuit-breaker started…


March 25, 2020

COVID-19: Resetting humanity’s relationship with nature

Global lockdowns and social distancing advisories to battle the COVID-19 pandemic have resulted in some unexpected effects…


February 10, 2020

SPIC – Steering a Reskilling Movement for India’s Farmers

India’s Agriculture sector employs 58% of the population but contributes only 14.6% of the gross domestic product (GDP)…


January 30, 2020

Nurturing a Culture of Safety at
AM International

Safety is a priority at AM International. We aim to create zero-incident workplaces across our operative companies. While we propagate a safety culture in all our actions…


January 2, 2020

Sustainability: How MPL replaced fresh water with 100% recycled treated sewage water in its manufacturing process

Access to fresh water is becoming increasingly scarce due to over usage, climate change and population explosion…


December 31, 2019

2019 in retrospect – A yearly roundup

At AM International and all our group companies, 2019 has been a year of sustainable growth in more ways than one…


September 25, 2019

A Nation’s Prosperity Lies in the Fitness of its Citizens

At AM International, the launch of the Fit India Movement reiterates our approach to…


September 20, 2019

Creating A Future Rooted in Sustainability

At AM International, sustainable green initiatives are an ongoing activity…


July 18, 2019

A budget for an Aspirational India – Five Areas that Budget 2019 will Propel India into the Superpower Orbit

On 5 July 2019, Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman, India’s first full-time …


July 4, 2019

How managing your emotions better leads to an improved workplace environment

A workshop on Emotional Intelligence held recently for SPICTRA…


May 13, 2019

CSR – an integral part of progressive business organizations

Since time immemorial, philanthropy has been an essential component…


April 15, 2019

Why employee health is more than wealth to organizations

Are you somebody who thinks twice before adding a spoonful of sugar…



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