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Nandakumar Varma

General Manager

Sicagen India Ltd

Q1. In which year did you join the group?

I joined the AM International group in the year 1993. It has been over 13 years and I have enjoyed every bit of this journey.

Q2. You have been with the group since more than a decade, what has made you stay on?

What makes one feel motivated to stay on in any one organisation for a considerably long time is the recognition and appreciation that one reaps over the years. At my job, it has made me feel like a stakeholder in the success of the organisation. Since the time I have joined, my superiors have always recognized my initiatives. Getting appreciated and rewarded for achieving the results in any endeavor is a big motivation. My responsibilities include dealing in products that are used in critical applications and the challenges of working in a niche market add to my professional satisfaction.

Q3 Tell us 3 unique characteristics that group companies have that is unique / employee friendly?

Respect for every individual irrespective of her / his position or designation is something that is culturally embedded in all group companies. When employees are treated professionally and fairly, in an organisation, its builds the foundation of a cohesive team that performs exceptionally.
The company treats all its employees as part of a larger family. Individual concerns and personal or family problems are attended in welfare oriented manner. Thus, every employee feels secure and nurtured in a professional yet trust led environment. Besides, the inter-personal relationship among employees, peers and senior leadership team is excellent. Here, our corporate culture that is built in an environment of open communication culture and a shared sense of growth and achievement. It acts as a strong bond and keeps us employees glued to the group.

Q4. What do you see as the key challenges the group faces in its next level of growth?

The group companies are doing some great work and are market leaders and innovators. A corporate branding exercise for the company and the group is a must to showcase the same. Such an exercise will also help us communicate to the external world our achievements and attract equal and better talent and business partners. The other challenge is identifying the right businesses and product offerings considering the customer opportunity, market value and long-term growth potential.


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