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Iris Chua

Senior Manager (Commodities)

Wilson International

Q1. When did you join the Group?

I joined the group towards the end of the year 2001 and it has been nearly 15 years working with Wilson International in Singapore.

Q2. In today’s era of frequent job changes, what made you stay with the group for more than a decade?

I have been with the Group for 14½ years and each day has been equally exciting. The Group is a highly respected name in the international fertilizer market. It has pioneered the fertilizer business in India and has been a domestic industry leader since the 1970s. I have gained valuable exposure and insights into this niche market. As the world’s population grows, so does global demand for food and our contribution to increase productivity.
My growth is reflected in the Group’s growth and it gives me a well-rounded set of skills. Lastly, over the years I have travelled to various international conferences to interact with customers across nationalities. This has helped me establish long lasting relations with numerous industry partners. With the extensive experience I have been able to apply my hard earned expertise to a broad portfolio of commodities.

Q3. Tell us 3 unique characteristics that Group companies have that are unique and employee friendly?

a) The ability to think outside the box in order to address the constantly changing needs of our business both in global and local markets.
b) All employees of the Group conduct themselves with integrity and abide by the Code of Business Conduct. The Group is committed to doing business in accordance with the highest standards of ethics and integrity.
c) The Group and its leadership team values respect, fairness, non-discrimination, equal opportunity, training & development and diversity at the work place.

Q4. What are the key challenges the Group faces in its next level of growth?

Our role as a trading entity is undergoing change. Today, information availability has become more democratic and real-time due to technology and improved communication networks. As a trader we have to be able to continuously add value to bring our producers and buyers together. We have to think innovatively to create strong, liquid and flexible solutions to structure and offer various form of financing instruments to our customers and counterparts.
Another key area is capital investments in setting up fertilizer plants and financing & structuring tolling agreements.


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