April 22, 2023

Earth Day: The Role of Manufacturing in Protecting the Planet

The Earth — the planet that made a thousand years of human progress possible — is our only home. Its vastness and rich natural resources may make it seem formidable, but it needs environmentally-conscious individuals and businesses to thrive. At an individual level, positive steps to protect our planet can range from recycling plastic to planting a tree. For example, operative companies at AM International, play an instrumental role in environmental friendly manufacturing practices. We must account for the impact we may have on the Earth’s ecosystems, in our day-to-day decision making.

Earth Day: The Role of Manufacturing in Protecting the Planet

In industries like manufacturing, sustainability has become key, especially if the product or service in question is reliant on diminishing raw materials. Sustainability is a core business focus at AM International, and it manifests in our practices — such as the efficient use of resources and the conservation of water.

It’s encouraging to see that eco-friendly manufacturing processes is helping ‘green’ businesses. Traditional ventures, too, are making the switch; this allows them to ensure long-term business viability while strengthening the brand’s reputation and building the trust of consumers.

There’s a competitive advantage to adopting operations that minimize environmental harm. The reduction of costs, by reducing the amount of raw material used, and wastage can lead to significant financial benefits. Often the switch involves the design of the process and product itself, such that it increases the shelf life and lowers the maintenance cost for the consumer.

Earth Day: The Role of Manufacturing in Protecting the Planet

By setting environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) goals, businesses can encourage stakeholders within the organization to prioritize ethical practices.

ESG best practices help prompts businesses reduce factors like greenhouse gas emissions. A company’s ESG practice and risks are crucial when it comes to socially responsible investing. As investors consider both potential financial return as well as environmental good, companies can profit from CSR initiatives and ESG policies with real-world impacts.

Earth Day: The Role of Manufacturing in Protecting the Planet

One among ESG concerns is a safe work environment for employees. Factory owners who adopt eco-friendly methods and whose work culture reflects this shift will attract candidates who believe in the same cause. Studies show that candidates aged between 18 to 45 prefer workplaces that are environmentally aware — that take steps like including recycling bins and installing solar panels. Making a switch to green practices can help a business to ensure higher levels of employee safety and satisfaction.

It’s not just the prevention of harm and reducing one’s carbon footprint; ‘green manufacturing’ principles motivate businesses to clean more air than they pollute and produce more energy than they use. Tamilnadu Petroproducts achieved this by incorporating the best practices in rainwater harvesting and wastewater treatment.

Digital technologies like automation and cloud computing present us with newer ways to boost productivity and sustainability. Through automation, for example, manufacturers can keep track of the wear and tear and predict the need for maintenance.

Ultimately, businesses will know that they have contributed to the protection of our planet when they go beyond mere compliance, investing instead in innovation and strategic planning. At AM International, a commitment to green technology and renewable energy has ensured that the safeguarding of health and the environment is an abiding priority.

On Earth Day, let’s reaffirm our belief in nurturing our environment and invest in  low-carbon manufacturing.