Sustainability is an imperative,
not an option.

At AM International, sustainability is at the core of our business. Throughout our history, our sustainability and CSR goals have always been placed alongside our key business goals. Our success has thus been underpinned by our ability to think of sustainability in the long-term.

We believe “RENEWal” is the key to sustainability.
Thus, our model of sustainable development is built around:


towards employees, the environment and communities.


operations, making the most of our resources.

New ideas

to adapt our business model to rapidly changing markets.


safety, security and health.


conservation, management and sanitation.

As it is said, “RENEW” or perish.
A defined focus on these strategic pillars drives us to achieve sustainability excellence.

AM Foundation

Because impact investing can
change lives.

At AM Foundation, we believe in impact investing to drive positive change.


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