January 30, 2020

Nurturing a Culture of Safety at AM International

January 30, 2020

Nurturing a Culture of Safety at AM International

Safety is a priority at AM International. We aim to create zero-incident workplaces across our operative companies. While we propagate a safety culture in all our actions, policies and systems, the success of our efforts is directly proportionate to our teams’ alertness under any untoward circumstances.

We recognize that safety does not happen by accident. Rather, it is founded on the pillars of preparation, awareness and training. Workplaces need to integrate safety processes in their infrastructure and operations. Workers should be sensitized about the significance of timely action to avert accidents. They should undergo periodic training to ensure that they employ appropriate and timely strategies according to the situation at hand. Often, such efforts have proved to be the difference between life and death.

Recently, two of our organizations, Wilson Cables and EDAC Engineering, conducted safety drills at their plant premises. The teams’ response demonstrated their readiness to respond effectively in the face of workplace emergencies. Their quick and calm reactions were reflective of continuous practice and awareness of mitigation strategies.

Safety Drill at Wilson Cables

Wilson Cables CERT Team, Deputy SIC & Deputy SMC

The objective of the safety drill conducted by Singapore-based Wilson Cables was to build awareness among employees to safely escape emergencies such as fire, power outage or gas/chemical leak in the premises without injuring themselves and others.

Over 50 employees participated in the drill. The level of efficiency of their actions and the seriousness of their efforts showcased internalization of safety rules.

Mock Drill for Electric Shock Emergency by EDAC Engineering

L to R: Mr. Arun, HSE Manager, ISGEC; Mr. Senthil, Safety General Manager, NTPC; Mr. Santa, Senior Manager, ISGEC; Mr. Indra Behera, HSE Officer, EDAC Engineering

EDAC Engineering Limited conducted its safety training at the fabrication yard of Kudgi Super Thermal Power Station. This is one of the coal-based thermal power plants of NTPC Limited, which is an EDAC customer. The setting was a simulated emergency where a worker gets an electrical shock on the plant’s premises. The objective of the exercise was to assess awareness and prepare the victim’s co-workers for an emergency. They were also sensitized on the need to transfer him to the nearest hospital for further treatment at the earliest.

The success and precision of the mock drill evoked great appreciation from our customers. Mr. Indra Behera, HSE Officer at EDAC Engineering, who orchestrated the exercise, received the ‘Best Safety Award’ from NTPC for his efforts.

At AM International, we believe that safety is not a destination but a continuing journey that safeguards the interest of our employees, partners and customers. Our diligence ensures that the entire ecosystem benefits from the implementation of safety practices across our work premises.

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