May 27, 2020

Life on the other side of COVID-19

May 27, 2020

Life on the other side of COVID-19

What’s the first thing you’d like to do once lockdowns are eased and it’s relatively safe to venture out? Visit your loved ones? How about a leisurely dinner at your favourite restaurant? Or a trip to a faraway land to leave the pandemic worries behind?

Whatever your choice, the experience is sure to be different with the pandemic bringing about a new normal.

A new way of life

bullet Authorities have already begun revamping transport systems and other infrastructure to enable citizens to maintain distance in public spaces.

bullet Service providers are implementing no-contact or less-contact delivery modes to prevent possible transmission.

bullet Office spaces are being reconfigured to suit ‘physical distancing’ mandates.

bullet Governments are adopting high-tech measures to monitor adherence to regulations and conduct contact tracing efficiently.

As we walk out of our homes post the lockdown, we will encounter a new world order. The way we travel, live, socialise and work will have changed significantly.

Here are a few ways in which life as we know it, will be markedly different:

Socially distant dining: How comfortable will you be to grab a bite in a crowded eatery? It’s quite likely that you’ll avoid it and opt for a safer choice – perhaps another restaurant that has spaced out tables or an outlet that offers takeaways you can relish from the comfort (and safety) of your home.

As our focus shifts towards increased hygiene and well-being, eateries will veer towards socially distant dining. Consequently, cloud kitchens will gain momentum over diners. Restaurants and food delivery companies will enforce tighter regulations, like regular temperature checks for employees and frequent sanitisation of kitchen tops and dining tables.

Weddings and private celebrations: In many countries, big fat weddings are a cultural norm. In the new world order, that might no longer be so. During the lockdown, couples across the globe have opted for private ceremonies and online nuptials. Going forward too, gathering in large crowds could be considered as an unnecessary risk. Instead live streaming of weddings for friends and family or taking vows online may continue to be a safer alternative.

Grocerants and experiential services: As an alternative to crowded malls or food courts in movie theatres, experiential, high-quality services will be in the limelight. How about experiential dining at your local grocer? This concept, called grocerant, a combination of grocery store and restaurant, is gaining popularity in many cities world over.

From whole foods and sustainable shopping choices to homemade cakes and specialities, grocerants are transforming into culinary destinations with tailormade food experiences. Therefore, at a grocerant a short walk away from home, you could soon not only shop for essentials but also try special sauces or gourmet desserts.

All in all, spurred by the pandemic, there is a new world order taking shape that we all must embrace. The old saying of ‘Change is the only constant’ will be true like never before.

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