May 13, 2019

CSR – an integral part of progressive business organizations

May 13, 2019

CSR – an integral part of progressive business organizations

Since time immemorial, philanthropy has been an essential component of businesses across the globe. In the new age corporate era, CSR is becoming an integral part of every business organization. It is but natural for companies to give back and nourish the communities in which they thrive and grow their business. At AM International group companies, CSR is a strategic initiative that drives compassion and care. The group’s CSR initiatives are driven through AM Foundation which practices impact investing to drive change.

Why CSR?

We believe that being a responsible corporate citizen and working towards the upliftment of the downtrodden and less fortunate is an equal responsibility. A narrow-minded aim towards profiteering can be harmful in the long run – creating unnecessary friction and disbalance in our society. Rather a corporate culture of making a positive impact and a sense of giving can help build the organizations’ soul with empathy, kindness and a sense of responsibility towards other fellow human beings.

To share an example, AM Foundation has been running a medical camp for the past three years for distributing prosthetic limbs free to differently abled patients. This year’s camp concluded in SPIC Nagar Medical Centre at Tuticorin. Did you know, India today has 26 million who are differently abled forming 2.1% percentage of its population. Such a large portion of our society is rendered incapacitated due to a medical condition, maybe from birth or during one’s lifetime – leave aside physical disability, the mental and social trauma that is associated with such patients make an individual’s life difficult. The ability to make a big difference to the lives of such needy people by many such small acts like this gives every employee of the AM International group a sense of purpose and joy.

Employee volunteerism leads to better customer empathy

Unlike previous times, checkbook philanthropy or faith led donations are being replaced by CSR efforts driven by employee volunteerism. When an organization can motivate its employees to devote time to social causes, it creates a sense of institutional volunteering and a sense of joy for employees. Recent research has proven that employee volunteering can help in better decision making at work, more compassionate society and less objectification of fellow human beings. Today the AM International group of companies comprise of a strategic mix of manufacturing, global supply chain, and new age businesses like green energy and healthcare – hence, customer empathy and service orientation is a must in today’s competitive world.

Imagine the sense of purpose the team at the SPIC Nagar Medical Center felt while organizing this year’s camp for free distribution of prosthetic limbs to the needy patients. Like each year, months of preparation went into making the program a success. Over 50 differently abled patients were provided with prosthetic limbs at a function where our group Chairman, Mr. Ashwin Muthiah was personally present showing his support and commitment to such causes. His thinking and efforts in giving back to society have shaped the formation of AM Foundation, that undertakes CSR activities of its member corporate including Manali Petrochemicals Limited, Tamil Nadu Petroproducts Limited, Greenstar Fertilizers Limited, Sicagen India Limited, and others.

AM Foundation – impact investing to drive positive change

AM Foundation is driving AM International group’s CSR efforts in a converged, objective and measurable manner. Instead of resources getting withered away in each company’s CSR efforts in various directions, the foundation works in a focussed way to make a real and sustainable impact on the ground. AM Foundation as a strategy is working for societal causes with local communities in and around its manufacturing plants and offices. Currently, it is working around select urban and rural areas of Tamil Nadu. The foundation is being built with a focus on partnering with NGO’s and global institutions whose knowledge and scientific discoveries can be implemented locally.

For the prosthetic limbs event, AM Foundation worked closely with the district administration, the department of Differently Abled and Rotary Club of Spic Nagar. In the past three years, the program has benefitted a total of 110 patients within the 25-kilometer radius. We purchase the prosthetic limbs from the Rotary Club of Coimbatore Midtown through their service project “Walk Again” where it manufactures limbs, calipers and crutches locally. Each prosthetic limb usually has a life of 2-3 years, and patients can seek a replacement.

As responsible corporate citizens, it is our privilege to contribute to social upliftment, through meaningful CSR activities that uplift and improve the lives of communities we live in. We are happy to have made a difference in the lives of the needy and disabled, through medical aids that promote mobility. No business can grow or sustain in isolation. For all-inclusive development, the upliftment of communities and protection of the environment are indispensable prerequisites.

“Businesses cannot be successful when society around them fails.”

AM Foundation

Because impact investing can
change lives.

At AM Foundation, we believe in impact investing to drive positive change.


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