April 14, 2020

Beat lockdown blues

April 14, 2020

Beat lockdown blues

The outbreak of COVID-19 has forced many parts of the world into a lockdown. In Singapore, the circuit-breaker started on April 7, while India is well into its third week. Other countries too are either already in a lockdown or are considering restrictive measures. A lockdown is essential to contain the spread of the pandemic. Self-quarantine and stay at home measures will help restrict the spread of the virus and ‘flatten the curve’.

In the face of the new normal, companies have initiated either work from home (WFH) or are operating essential manufacturing sites with social distancing norms. From having people around us in our workplaces all the time, we are now confined to our homes or working only with a few colleagues. Being thrown into such a situation for days on end can be challenging. However, it is necessary for the larger cause of combatting the spread of the disease.

So, here are three hacks that you may follow to keep yourself engaged and enthused:

On regular days, we are caught in the hurly-burly of getting up and rushing to office. With #WFH, commuting time is saved. So, why not use this time to work on your fitness.

Practise cardio-exercises 3-4 times a week and 30-40 minutes of walking, running or cycling with social distancing is a good way to start your day. Look up stretching exercises online and practise them to strengthen your muscles. While at home, keep yourself mobile.

With the lockdown, most of us have to make do with home-made food or take-outs. Eat healthy and avoid snacking in between meals.

The lockdown has somehow ‘forced’ us to spend time with our families. It is a blessing in disguise for most of us who are caught in the ‘fast lane’ of corporate work. It is an ideal time to catch up with your family in a relaxed and comfortable manner. Try to spend time with your family and people who you are close to.

Being at home at a stretch with your family members can give you insights that you may be missing out during your busy routine. This quality time will enrich and rejuvenate you to start regular work once the lockdown is over. Discover a renewed sense of bonding and affection with your loved ones.

The lockdown is a passing phase. We should be aware and engaged through the day – not get into boredom or worry too much as feelings of loneliness can affect our well-being and mental health.

So, try the above tips to utilise the lockdown period positively. And don’t forget to stay home, maintain hygiene, wash your hands with soap regularly and follow the instructions given by the local authorities.

Have more ideas to make the most of the lockdown? Write in to share them with us.

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