September 25, 2019

A Nation’s Prosperity Lies in the Fitness of its Citizens

September 25, 2019

A Nation’s Prosperity Lies in the Fitness of its Citizens

An Organisation’s Progress Lies in the Fitness of its Employees.

The best investment a nation can make is towards the health of its citizens. In line with the same thought, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the Fit India Movement on 29 August 2019. The campaign initiated on the occasion of the National Sports Day, recognises fitness as a lifestyle choice. It is designed to encourage people to make sports and physical activities a part of their everyday lives.

At AM International, the launch of the Fit India Movement reiterates our approach to ensuring employee well-being. Just as fit citizens are integral to a country’s prosperity, healthy employees are essential to an organisation’s success. Better health increases work productivity, creates better work-life balance and results in decreased absenteeism. Consequently, they are better engaged at work. Highly engaged employees enjoy their work. They are, hence, less likely to quit their jobs. We give particular emphasis on the fitness levels of our employees.

The accurate measure of a society’s progress lies in the social welfare and well-being of its members. A fit India is essential to create a thriving nation. The country will prosper when its citizens perform well in their professions. For this, they need to be physically and mentally fit. Similarly, the citizens will be able to enjoy the fruits of their labour only when they are in good health. Hence, fitness levels of our countrymen are essential to the socio-economic success of our country.

At AM International, our work culture focuses on promoting health, happiness and a balanced environment. The HR philosophy propagates work-life balance and inspires employees to imbibe fitness in their routine lives; the focus is on both physical and mental fitness.

For example, the recently-held Health is Wealth contest, showcases our commitment towards encouraging a healthy lifestyle among employees. The contest was initiated by one of our group company, Manali Petrochemicals Limited (MPL). It was conceptualised to create awareness about physical fitness, healthy living among employees and join the global fight against obesity. It was an endeavour by MPL’s HR team to inspire our team members to adopt an active lifestyle over a sedentary one. We also provided dietary guidance to the participants. After all, we are what we eat!

We celebrated the three winners at the end of the three-month contest. . However, the feedback by all participating members was that they were feeling more energised, fit and healthy. The competition has become an annual wellness event at MPL. Inspired by its success, our other group companies are also working to implement it across their organisations.

It is indeed heartening to see that our aspiration of a fitter culture finds resonance at the national level. We are confident that every citizen will feel equally energised and inspired as our team members when they make healthier lifestyle choices. A quote by our Chairman, Mr Ashwin Muthiah, is apt to sum up this vision, “A fit body & mind complement a healthy life.”

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