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Muralidharan N

Assistant General Manager – Marketing

Manali Petrochemicals Limited

Q1. Since your joining, what are the key professional learning’s you have gained by working here?

There are a number of areas where I have gained immense learning. Through my interactions across activity centres and capability examination, I have learned a lot. I have been able to identify the broadest possible purpose level for each assigned work.
All this is thanks to a leadership that provides the environment for innovative thinking. The management is always clued in to the minutest details of the company’s functioning.

Q2. How do you see your career growth at the organization?

I see myself continuing to grow with the organization and taking on new challenges. The freedom to establishing growth milestones along my career path is a big advantage. It has given me the opportunity to communicate and listen more and create a better tomorrow for the organization and myself.

Q3. Tell us about three employee-friendly traits of the company that you think are different or better than the competition?

In my opinion, the first trait is the clear line of communication with which any work ‘Flow’ is explained in the very beginning. This ensures that each one of us act with total dedication and hundred per cent involvement. During this flow, every action is as per an internal logic and it needs no intervention. This type of clarity in process and communication allows us the freedom that no other competitor is able to provide.
Secondly, only a flat organization like Manali Petrochemicals can provide the opportunity for exposure to various divisions, business lines and responsibilities. It is unique among all industry players.
Last but not the least, is the freedom to work on business strategies, getting involved in execution and owning one’s action is a great advantage. This is possible due to the trust and responsibility that the leadership provides in plenty along with access to discuss any issues.


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