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K K Rajagopalan

Former – Executive Director & Advisor


Q1. When did you join the group?

My journey with the AM International group started more than four decades back. I joined the group in the year 1972.

Q2. Over the past 4 decades that you have been in the group, what has made you stay with the group?

The most important factor that has resulted in this long association is the culture of trust and professional working environment of the group. I have had continous opportunities to learn and grow in all my job responsibilities. Career progression planning for employees is great with regular job rotation. The emphasis on a systems-oriented approach at work helped me comprehend goals and responsibilities in a lucid manner.

Q3. Tell us 3 unique characteristics that group companies have that is unique / employee friendly?

The group displays the traits of a learning organisation. Every employee is empowered towards decision making and this helps individuals to grow in their professional roles. The encouragement provided by the leadership team for decision–making and risk taking inculcates an entrepreneurial mindset for excellence. The professional environment ensures a level playing field for every individual in a fair and transparent manner. The avenue to grow in one’s professional life is a key attraction to stay motivated.

Q4. What do you see as the key challenges the group faces in its next level of growth?

I think as in every business, talent and leadership are the key challenges that the group will need to address to achieve the next level of growth. Getting the right people for the right job and the ability to attract, retain and hone employees in a manner to build a cadre of future business leaders is what will differentiate us from the rest. Such an approach that is based on the principles of employee growth and welfare will also ensure a loyal, empowered and committed workforce.


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