Our Focus

Towards a sustainable water future

Water is vital for life. At  , we focus our efforts on the conservation and management of water resources.

Our efforts are aimed at ensuring water quality and water availability to create a sustainable water future.

774 million

Indians lack access to safe sanitation while

77 million

Indians do not have access to clean water

Over 68,000

Children Under th age of 5 years, die every year in India due to communicable diseases caused be unsafe water and poor sanitation

AM Foundation caters to the consolidated impact investing efforts of its member corporates. Across our businesses, we share our resources and expertise to support the vision of the Foundation to protect the environment and add value beyond our core business activities. Currently, the Foundation works towards achieving significant water management efficiencies and improvement of sanitation conditions in Tamil Nadu, India.

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To serve as a global holding company for our core areas of business and foster businesses that are trusted by society



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