Primed for Progress

AM International comprises of companies with a mix of conventional and contemporary industry sectors.

Our businesses range from manufacturing of fertilizers and petrochemicals to outlays in green solutions and modern healthcare.

We are committed to creating steady and sustainable value in any business environment. Our investment strategy is based on the twin principles of consistent conduct and sustainable investing for accruing long-term returns.

Our operations are spread across eight countries in South East Asia, India and the United Kingdom. Our business strategy is based on modernizing traditional, legacy business holdings even as we drive innovation in new-age brown and greenfield projects. We build businesses that contribute to overall development in a responsible and sustainable manner that generates our customers’ trust.

Focus Areas

Fertilizers & Supply Chain

As pioneers in the fertilizer industry, we gave India’s agriculture its backbone during the Green Revolution.


Our companies in the petrochemicals sector specialize in the manufacture of high-performance chemical solutions that solve real-world problems.

Infrastructure Services

In the Infrastructure Services segment, AM International has myriad interests in various businesses including commercial and power plant construction.


AM International entered the field of medtech and life sciences in the early 1990s.

Green Solutions

AM International is a recent entrant in the green energy sector. Our companies are introducing new-age technology to optimise our core assets.

About Us

Consolidation. Innovation. Growth.

AM International is a diversified, multinational group of companies with a federated operating architecture.


Investor Relations

A heritage of value creation

Founded in 1954, Our business ethos is rooted in the philosophy of value creation through
sustainable innovation and social progress.