Vision, Mission & Values


To serve as a global holding company for our core areas of business and foster businesses that are trusted by society

Vision, Mission & Values


“To emerge as a premier, global holding company (Holdco), that is committed to foster businesses that deliver sustainable and genuine benefits to stakeholders, society and the environment.”


“To build robust, market-leading businesses drawing on collaborative team capabilities, focused execution, ethical business conduct and a distinctive regional & global focus to generate long-term value for our stakeholders.”

Group Values

Our shared values of doing business responsibly guide our collective engagements and reflect across the daily actions in our portfolio companies.


Professional conduct, upholding good governance, transparency and the highest ethical standards.


Seizing opportunities for portfolio companies to enhance value, derive synergies and sustainability in the long run.

Entrepreneurial spirit

Proactive and passionate, pursuing endeavours with a balance between entrepreneurial risk-taking and professional diligence.


Ingenuity in our processes, products and systems to foresee customer needs and deliver delight through innovative ideas & technologies.


Commitment to improve the lives of people in the communities with a focus on environmental stewardship.

AM Foundation

Because impact investing can
change lives.

At AM Foundation, we believe in impact investing to drive positive change.



Together, we harness opportunities. Together, we change the game.

At AM International, we believe opportunities motivate people.